Dead Souls' Vacation

A feature documentary film by Keko Chelidze

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TBC / Brussels Independent Film Festival (Belgium) / Coming Soon

Nov. 26 - Dec. 10 / Al Este Colombia (Colombia) / Watch Online

Oct. 29 - Nov 8 / In-Edit Film Festival Barcelona (Spain) / In-EDIT TV

Nov. 17 / Golden Apricot IFF Cinema Star Armenia / Tickets

Sept. 24 / FIDBA Online (Argentina) / Watch Online


Formerly a popular musician in Georgia, Levan (45) lives in a 14 m2 apartment with his mother Lamara (84). Forgotten by everyone, Levan seems to have no luck at finding a job or a girlfriend. Despite everything, Levan is an optimist. He doesn’t fall into despair, tries to overcome his routine problems and achieve success. As for Lamara, her main concerns are that her son is well-fed, dressed appropriately, but most importantly - not affectionate with a woman unworthy of his love.

Georgia | Color | 67 min. | HD | 16:9